(PARK)ing Day

(PARK)ing Day
(PARK)ing Day


(PARK)ing Day is an annual one-day global event during which community members transform parking spaces and parking lots into temporary parks and public spaces.

Project Description

The (PARK)ing Day project intends to promote creativity, civic engagement, and social interaction while calling attention to urban spaces and the way that they are used.

(PARK)ing Day began in 2005 when Rebar, a San Francisco-based art and design studio, converted a parking space into a temporary park in an effort to critically analyze the values that shape urban public space. Rather than replicate the project in other cities, Rebar created a model that allows individuals to create their own temporary installations, and as a result PARKing Day was born.

Since then, a global movement of independent activists has followed an established model to create temporary public uses in parking spaces worldwide, witth an official PARK(ing) Day held in September. As of 2012, organizers counted 975 PARKs / 162 Cities / 35 Countries / 6 Continents.

Examples of PARK(ing) Day creations include temporary urban farms, ecology demonstrations, political seminars, art installations, bike repair shops, and a wedding ceremony, all in metered parking spots. While the design of the spaces varies significantly, the basic goal is the same: organizers identify community needs and values and use the PARKing Day event to draw attention to those.

The PARK(ing) Day website identifies the following procedure for any individual or group wishing to get involved with the project:

  1. Become familiar with local regulations governing parking space/lot use.
  2. Read the license available on the website which gives legal right to use the trademark “PARK(ing) Day”. 
  3. Read the manual available for a small fee on the PARK(ing) Day website
  4. Join the DIY Planning Community which is a social network for PARK(ing) Day participants. 
  5. Add your project to the website map to allow project coordinators to track the scope of the project.
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