San Francisco Great Streets Project

San Francisco Great Streets Project


San Francisco Great Streets Project believes that livable city streets are essential to building a strong, welcoming community. By working with government, business, and neighborhood leaders, the Great Streets Project actively advocates this mission.

Project Description

San Francisco Great Streets Project envisions a community whose streets attract people of all kinds to create compelling public places. These streets should serve as a network to connect people and places through the use of sidewalks, bikeways, and public transportation. In order to turn this vision into reality, the Great Streets Project engages in community outreach, conducts studies on the impact of street projects around the city, and develops best practice tools and outreach materials to support innovative street transformation. Currently, the project is working on three key campaigns: Institutionalizing Parklets in San Francisco, A Better Market Street, and Sunday Streets. Parklets are a popular new development that transform parking spaces into attractive new community gathering spaces. By building a platform over 2 to 3 parking spaces, the widened sidewalk provides a public sitting space with some combination of benches, planters, landscaping, bike parking, and tables and chairs. Research confirmed that parklets lead to increased pedestrian activity, pedestrian satisfaction, and sense of community character. Due to this success, the Great Streets Project is actively working with businesses and organizations interested in hosting them around the city. The Great Streets Project also recognizes that Market Street is the civic and cultural backbone of San Francisco for automobile transportation, but believes that it has a long way to go in terms of a transit and biking corridor. In hopes of revitalizing the community on this street, they are reaching out to community partners and stakeholders for support in A Better Market Street’s plan. The Great Streets Project’s third campaign is to expand Sunday Streets into a weekly program. This project hosts events that encourage health, community, and fun by creating miles of car-free roads where San Franciscans can walk, bike, shop, and play in diverse San Francisco neighborhoods.

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