Visual Preference Surveys


Visual Preference Surveys (VPS) are tools to help communities establish a common vision of what their localities should look like by asking participants to rate their preference or dislike of selected images of the community.

Tool Description

Summary of Costs

Associated Costs
  • Additional Supplies
  • Facilitation


  • Relatively speaking, the VPS is a simple and inexpensive tool to use, requiring little prep time and few resources.
  • Visual Preference Surveys can be a fun, engaging way to introduce community character at town meetings.
  • VPS tools can be adapted for other venues; they can be completed on paper, with a set of photographs mailed to citizens; used with keypad polling and other electronic meeting tools; or built into an online survey.


  • A visual preference survey (VPS) is only as good as the set of images that it uses, and the results are only as representative as the citizens who take part in the survey.
  • Visual Preference Surveys are not useful for identifying elements of community character that cannot be photographed.
  • Lighting, weather, and background activities in the photographs may influence participants' choices.
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