World Cafe

World Cafe


World Café is a facilitation method that allows small groups of people to have conversations, sketch, and brainstorm around in an informal setting, around cafe tables. Groups typically have several rounds, switching tables and starting new topics.

Tool Description

Summary of Costs

Associated Costs
  • Additional Supplies
  • Facilitation


  • World Cafe has been thoroughly researched and some guiding documents provide sound advice on how to organize and run an event.
  • Mixing up the tables and providing participants with the opportunity to draw or doodle also makes the process more interesting and engaging than some focus groups.
  • World Cafe events are typically much more interesting for people than traditional meetings settings and may engage new voices.


  • The success of the Cafe depends on who is present and how they participate.t.
  • Much of the theory behind the World Café originates with corporate management and communications research, rather than civic dialogue and public participation.
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